October 31, 2003

Pumpkin Magic

Happy Halloweenie!

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October 30, 2003

What is it with the Brits and Aussies and Dwarfs?

From time to time stories like this and this pop up. I don't get it. Why are little people intrinsically funny? I mean look what Terry Gilliam did for the sub culture (no pun intended).

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Numbers I need Numbers!

The Center for Public Integrity is putting it all together in a nice easy to read package. Get your "How to get rich guide to the Bush War in the Middle East" information here. KBR sells gas to American troups in Iraq, Betchel designing the new Iraq, International American Products sells water to American Troups in Iraq, Perini Corporation makers of Casinos and other fine desert construction., Contrack International supplies construction and logistics software, Fluor well they are big enough to get a cut of everything and the list goes on and on. Go read it yourself and then... if you know someone in this administration or the one in power during the first Bush War in the Middle East then I'd say you got a fair chance at winning this new $87,000,000,000 lottery.

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October 29, 2003

Truth is stranger than Fiction department

I'm not sure how I feel about this but somehow it seems like the universe is working the way it should when things like this happen.

On the other hand injustice can rear it's ugly head.

This however is not news is it? I'm not surprised do you think Dick Cheney is surprised?

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Greedy Bastard

Eric Idle is touring.... He is halfway through his Around the States in 80 days "Greedy Bastard" Tour he is sorta mini-blogging as he goes. Go here and scroll down to find his online journal. I'm going to try and snag a VIP pass.

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October 28, 2003

God works his wonders

California Dreaming

A rather frightening look at a street in an upscale San Diego neighborhood. Hey the good side is the landscaping is already in! This is what happens when you vote for the guy who kicked the devils ass

From Yahoo! Check out the "Evacurate" that is too cute.

Hotels are reaching out to displaced residents to provide them with free or discounted accommodations during this terrible time of need. A few of the hotels that have pitched in to assist the evacuation rescue effort in providing comfortable lodging for residents, include:

* La Costa Resort and Spa provided 26 families free accommodations on
Sunday, October 26, and are offering a $100 rate for additional
nights. Additionally, resort employees have collected resort
toiletries to donate to the evacuation centers located throughout the
* Hilton San Diego Torrey Pines provided 220 free rooms, and
approximately 100 will stay at least one additional night at a $50
* Holiday Inn Carlsbad-by-the-Sea took in evacuees with pets offering a
special "evacurate" of $109 per night.
* La Jolla Cove Suites offers a minimum 50% discount to evacuated
residents and have implemented a pet friendly policy as well.
* San Diego Marriott Del Mar offers a 50% discounted rate through
November 2, 2003.
* Hampton Inn Del Mar offers reduced rates, and has provided several
complimentary rooms for the Red Cross.
* ResorTime.com properties throughout San Diego offer a fire rate of $99
per night at Carlsbad Inn, Seapointe, Prava Hotel and Hotel La Jolla.
* Hilton Del Mar is offering 25 complimentary rooms per night to the Red
Cross that provides the names of residents. Those not referred through
the Red Cross can receive a $50 rate.

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Sun EXPLODES! ...... News at eleven

The latest solar flare is a doozy. (note: no permalink you will get todays entry look at the Oct 28 archive). Click on the picture for the movie version. Perhaps Rayne will get to see her Aurora tomorrow or the next evening. We are having a change in the weather so expect to be clouded over. We are moving from the 70's to the 40's in the next couple of days. There is a freeze anticipated for Thursday evening just in time to frost the punkins for the pagan holiday Samhain. Now this is the end of summer. Now begins the fall of our discontent, not winter yet won't be until after Xmas. We will be skiing before Thanksgiving this year a good thing for the people who live and die with the mountain snows. Warren Miller's come and gone gettin everybody pumped by showing wild men and women coming down the mountain. Thing is they spend most of their time in the air, to me this is flying not skiing. Uh Oh Bush is about to speak always an entertaining event.

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October 27, 2003

I wonder...



Is Steven Tyler the love child of Mick and Sandra? hmmm.

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Productivity Booster

Here is a bit o'Flash fun. Don't blame me....

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California on Fire

Rather dramatic view from space of the Southern California wild fires. Click the picture to see a bigger version.


For a map of where the fires are burning the LA Times makes this available

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October 26, 2003

Is Salon Alive?

Extra hour to blog!

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Testing w.bloggar

w.bloggar is a blog editing tool with integrated spell check. Works with most blog software works online or offline. Really a sweet piece of software that is currently FREE. Unfortunately doesn't appear to support RadioUserland blogs...

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October 25, 2003

What do your tax dollars do

I funded this study

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In Boston no less....

Wang ousts `Nutcracker' for next year

By Geoff Edgers, Globe Staff, 10/24/2003

You just knew this headline was begging for it.

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October 23, 2003

Volunteers had brain scan during sex for experiment

Those Wacky Dutch. I'm not sure I could have kept my head still for 7 minutes. Brings a whole new meaning to, "I like to watch".

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October 22, 2003

Just when you think the world is crap

You see a rainbow and you are reminded there is hope.

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Support our Troops.....at home

Published on Wednesday, October 22, 2003 by TomPaine.com
The Pentagon's Achilles Heel
by Steven Rosenfeld

This past weekend, United Press International's Mark Benjamin—assisted by Steven Robinson of the National Gulf War Resource Center, a veteran's advocacy group—broke the story that hundreds of injured Iraq War veterans were stranded in dismal barracks at Ft. Stewart, Ga., while they were awaiting medical care.

Get your dose of outrage here no charge honest....

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John and Elaine Mellancamp write a letter to America

You can find it here.

Do you get the idea that it is starting to crumble?

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More on Diebold

Now you too can have fun with electronic voting.
If you want to be a electronic voting hacker well here is a good place to start learning your craft.

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Is not responding for me... I guess everyone is trying to get their hands on the Diebold Diary. The shocking story of a POS electronic voting scheme. Of course only the raw data is there you would have to examine a gigabyte of info to draw your own conclusions. If you want to take a shortcut you can get the skinny from a conspiratorial point of view in a book that will be published by Bev Harris of BlackBoxVoting.com

Let's be charitable and say no voter fraud has been commited (yet). One thing is certain you DO NOT keep your dirty laundry on a public FTP server if you are the least bit concerned about corporate security. If I was in the business of electronic voting I would think security would be pretty damned important.

If you are in any business relying on stealth for security is foolish. You cannot hide in plain sight anything worth hiding. I know you can get away with it but only for so long. It is like driving drunk, sure you got home (this time), it only takes getting caught once to ruin your reputation (well maybe if you run for President you can get away with it, everybody makes mistakes).

You know the worst thing Diebold did was send a Cease and Decist order via the DMCA. Look where it gets the RIAA. Of course they could be saying there is no such thing as bad publicity...right.

Now if I could just get my hands on those files!

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October 20, 2003

Salon Blog server should be back up

RCS server quit working around 11:45 PDT should be back up as of 13:10 PDT

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Doping Scandal Yes well maybe

Depends what you want to call a scandal.

It has been reported by Sky News Sports of Britain that 350 US Athletes have tested positive for a designer steroid. Sky News is part of the Rupurt Murdoch empire who also owns drum roll please..... Fox News.

Well that is just so much BS. Yes there are some positive samples in the 350 collected at the US Outdoor Track and Field Championships held in June but not all 350 samples tested were positive. The numbers are not given in the USADA report. Sources (unnamed) indicate several athletes tested positive. Read on for the facts as I understand them right now and a whole bunch of opinion. Hopefully you will know the difference.

The US Outdoor Track and Field Championships feature 20 disciplines for both men and women meaning there are 40 "winners" crowned during the championships. Each winner is required to give a sample of urine after they compete. In addition to these samples a random number of participants are required to provide a urine sample, in the case of the US Champinionships this was 310 plus 40 out of close to 850 participants in the "open" division some 40% of the athletes there.

In addition to these samples there were a number of international events hosted in the US where some number of samples were collected (perhaps 400 more samples in total). Some of these samples are also positive. Anonymous sources (again) say that this includes some international athletes in addition to US athletes.

There is currently a grand jury investigation of BALCO industries of San Francisco in regards to the distribution of a designer steroid like substance. I say steroid like because it is a steroid in every sense of the word except it has been altered chemically so that it does not have the steroid fingerprint looked for in the doping tests used by the USADA. I might add that no one else in the world WAS looking for this particular steroid like substance.They are now. 40 athletes from the US and elsewhere have been asked to testify before the grand jury, most of these athletes have or had an association with BALCO industries. BALCO has been indicated as the source for this designer steroid by an unamed American coach. This coach also provided a sample of the substance for analysis which led to a test for the substance. Because 40 athletes are called to testify does not mean all these athletes were competitors in the US Outdoor Track and Field Championship, nor does it mean that these fourty athletes gave a dirty UA it is just the number reported to be giving testimony in front of a grand jury investigating the alleged source of the illicit chemical substance.

Performance enhancing chemicals are not allowed by the USOC USTFF IATF or any other body that oversees amateur sports. Most of these substances are also banned by the professional organizations and leauges where these athletes compete. Most human beings play by the rules, other human beings cheat. Some of those that cheat are caught.

In the general population there are some number of people who use illicit drugs. The demographic of users looks very much like the demographic of athletes in so far as age sex and race goes. Young people do stupid things. They most likely would stick to pot and booze if it wasn't for the gods and goddesses we make of the best of the breed.

Sport is entertainment for the masses it is no longer the pursuit of gentlemen where the idea of sportsmanship arose. Now it is win at all cost, for to the victor go the spoils. This is the Coliseum, the bread and Circus.

The scandal is how the media corporations who rely on the entertainment value of these pieces of beef can demonize them for trying to be the best they can be, sacrificing their health and sanity in pursuit of fame doled out by these same media entities.

How is this funded? Developing designer steroids isn't a cheap undertaking. It could be that BALCO has made enough money off of selling nutritional supplements that it can afford to fund the research and development of stealth steroids. This requires a good deal of money, there was only one lab in the country with the equipment and technology/expertise to reverse engineer this substance. Where was this substance created and who was funding it?
Who was paying for this substance? Track clubs? Coaches? Athletes? I don't know. A top athlete can make a living at their game as a pro but as an amateur there are limits to the prize money you can accept over and above your training/living costs.

Screw it amateur status provides the entertainment industry with cheap beef. By the time you make it to an international venue to compete you are a professional athlete. Dedicated amateurs may compete in Archery or bowling or some other sports but by and large if you are at the top of your game you are living your sport and being paid to train.

This is a sexy story. Nobody likes cheaters and cheaters who get caught deserve our ridicule. The cheaters who don't get caught well they get the big bucks and all our cheers.

Yes there are American athletes who cheat. Big whoop. It is a small percentage of athletes who fail as roll models. Trouble is I think when we look at the top we will find feet of clay. These are the monsters we created. These are the monsters we asked for.

Want to clean up amateur sports? Quit televising them. You make it big business and you corrupt it.

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Borrowing to Cost more

Snow Rate Remarks Not Policy-White House

Snow says that intrest rates are going up and that will be the sign of a growing strong economy.. this is true for the most part. The thing is we are running a trillion dollar deficit. Government is borrowing all the money we need to grow the economy. Even with a growing economy, revenue is down thanks to lower capital gains and personal income tax.

The real reason intest rates are going up is because the US government is borrowing. Leading economic indicators were down last month.

This economy is still soft, while there may be hope in some sectors others are flat or declining. Rising intrest rates will affect the real estate boom which has been a high point for the sluggish economy. Jobless rates are reflecting the seasonal hiring done for the Christmas retail season, that is why they are at an 8 month low (duh).

So America look at your credit card debt and think about those nice adjustable rates you have been getting. Where you were paying 9% you will be looking at 19% or more. If you haven't already, get rid of that debt as fast as you can. Every dollar paid today is 3 dollars less than you will pay in the future.

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October 15, 2003

Udink revisited

Seems Mr. Dennis Udink has become a media event as a result of the state of Utah denying his request to have a personalized license plate bearing his name. You can read his story here. Moral: Don't mess with a blogger. We're everywhere.

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How would you like to be this fan?

Chicago's Most Wanted

At least Yahoo didn't print his name and address. The angst emanating from Boston and Chicago can be felt here in the PNW where it is gray and wet.

Of course just because Yahoo didn't out the fan doesn't mean someone in Chicago won't do it. The guy stayed home from work today so the press went to his house. Now who wants to bet if the Cubs do not advance to the World Series this person's house burns to the ground?

What about the double play ball dropped by Alex Gonzalez?

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Why can't Dems go to Iraq?

Seems when a congressional delegation wishes to go to Iraq, it must be a Republican delegation. This is just too weird. I was listening to NPR about American businessmen travelling in Iraq. Seems just about anyone the Administration wants in, has no problem getting in to Iraq.

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October 14, 2003

Well now

Sox Cubs? I don't see it but there is still a chance. Go Fighting Fish!

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They are stunned

That would be the Cub fans.... now they have given an escort to the Cub fan who interfered with the catchable foul ball in the eighth inning..

7th Game tomorrow

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More testing....

Still at it. Turned back on pings want to make sure it works.

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Foetus with three parents created

from the BBC Just when you figure there is nothing new under the sun.... This involves a host egg and a donor egg and of course some sperm.
Some women cannot produce a viable egg but otherwise have "sound DNA". I'm thinking this is a bit of a stretch, I mean if someone cannot reproduce isn't that natures way of telling you what is what?

Anyway I guess that is a harsh attitude and not supported by scientific research. If you have a weak egg cell you can take it's genetic material and place it in a healthy strong egg cell that has had it's genetic material removed. Fertilize incubate and you have managed to do what Mother Nature did her best to stop.

I'm all for gene therapy, would love to see genetic illnesses cured such as CF or Crohn's. But when we reproduce those who can't reproduce themselves I have to ask to what end? Is this an inalienable human right? this is also only available for women there is no converse procedure for men, although I would guess in vitro fertilization is how a lazy sperm gets a boost.

I'm pretty much down with adoption. i mean there seems to me to be a whole bunch of children that need loving parents born into the world without them each year, seems a shame not to match up them that wants with them that needs.

Where does the search for personal happiness over ride our responsibility to the species?

Is there a difference between the flesh of my loins and any other child in need?

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Sorry about the "blank updates"

I have been working with aspModules Inc. to see why the Adminimizer tool wouldn't work on this blog. Problem if your categories begin with anything but a letter. I found this out and renamed 26 in July to 'The 26 in July Project' oops that didn't work. Remove the single quote marks from the title. Much better, now I can select the category to post to.... nope still not working. The "Post" happens but it is blank and the category is not set and the process times out with an error. Oh well.....

Adminimizer uses xmlRPC to post to the blog. I am guessing something about the XML created and upstreamed to the blog parser is not getting through. Not sure what it could be because Zempt works well using the same interface.

I guess I need to poke around the MT support forums and see if anyone else is using Adminimizer successfully. I am guessing they are or it wouldn't be a product (even if it is in Beta).

Too bad because the WYSIWYG editor was kind of nice. Had a lot more features than Zempt 0.3 able to apply various styles from your CSS file to the post. Integrated spell check and more....

Hope we figure it out. I would like to be able to use the tool.

Turned Pings back on

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October 12, 2003

Ready or not Condi here we come

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Just Playing with new software

Trying out the Adminimizer from aspModules. Neat idea turns your browser into a blog editor, however it doesn't seem to handle categories just right. Well not as installed. In the learning process it appears I lost some "content" silly me I thought the tool was for producing NEW content and old content would be "safe" no such luck.... Oh well live and learn. I will most likely be fixing the missing content later meanwhile I think I know what I'm doing now so I shouldn't loose anything else.

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October 10, 2003

Nobody loves Raymond (Damadian)

Lost Content See Just Playing with new software entry.

The Nobel Prize in Medicine did NOT go to Raymond Damadian, and he is mad as hell. Mad enough to take out advertisements in the NY Times and the Washington Post. You see Raymond got the idea that NMR could be used to differentiate cancerous tissue from non cancerous tissue. NMR had been around for quite some time in the chemistry labs but no one had thought to apply it in medicine. Reason being because the equipment used to perform NMR really couldn't deal with people sized living objects, the study of excised cancerous tissue was better left to pathologists with microscopes (the way it is still done today). Raymond wasn't detoured he thinks outside the box. So he did some experimentation gathered up a set of data and published a nice bit of original work. He still didn't have a machine that we would call a modern MRI. The data his mahine produced was not a pretty picture, nor could his results and conclusions be verified. But he did publish that paper. It got others thinking and involved with MRI. Other people who actually produced practical working MRI devices. Our boy Ray couldn't get his machine to work very well, for years he couldn't. He did however get a patent. With that patent he spent years chasing GE Medical Systems through the courts. He and his lawyers got over $100 million dollars from them in the end. His company eventually did produce an MRI device that could be sold on the market.

My title is misleading there is a group of individuals who love Raymond. It is the Creation Science community.

Now the controversy is Was Raymond snubbed by Nobel Committee because he is beloved by God? Godless science shits on a saint.

I don't know. Perhaps Raymond deserves the prize. MRI was first attempted by him but his results were pretty much useless. His original paper has been discredited by follow up research. I personally see no conflict between science and spiritualism, but putting a Christian God as the head of the universe is tacky in my opinion. Teaching that there has been no evolution, that Genesis contains a literal cosmology, well that isn't science in any sense I understand.

I'll let God decide wether Raymond gets his Nobel or not...

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October 08, 2003

NYSE Site Hacked (probably not)

Lost Content See Just Playing with new software

I picked this up off Drudge serves me right. There was a cock-up publishing the Dow numbers on the NYSE site. I went there and got screen shots that showed a 1200 point drop in the DJIA. Other numbers were messed up too. But the site was not defaced, there was no other indication of the NYSE being 0w3N3d by haxorz. Probably a real simple explanation just can't find it on the web.....

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Oh wow! I got my first comment spam Does this mean I have arrived?

Note how this post drew a "spam" comment.... I'm not deleting Laura in DC who appears to be a Dean blogger.

But it does give me an excuse to install a comment Spam killer

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Haven't seen this widely reported... Updated!

Lost Content See Just Playing with new software entry

This was a link to criticism of Gen. Clark's giving speeches for honoraria while being a candidate for president. That was a big no no. Clark a political neophyte was given a free pass on this and as soon as the issue was raised he returned the money.

I know all about newby mistakes. Clark is popular, well spoken, telegenic but off to a rocky start. I hope he does better.

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Dink .....vulgar or not?

Lost Content see Just Playing with new software entry

This story I picked up off NPR. Those wacky Mormons! Seems Mr. Udink can't personalize his license plate. Here you go Buddy


From Acme

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October 07, 2003

Bear expert no longer...

Lost Content see Just Playing with new software entry:

Here I had a snarky comment about a bear lover who went to play with his toy bears in Alaska. He and a friend got eaten. Grizzly way to go if you ask me... oooh that was snarky too. The attack was recorded (audio only). First he "played dead" when that didn't work he decided to fight back, I'm thinking that was how his friend got involved. Hope you didn't click that link hoping to hear the attack. That would be sick.

This on the heels of the Roy and the Tiger story. My normal concern for human beings was interrupted by anger at stupidity and animal exploitation. I really am sorry the bear expert and his friend lost their lives, and I wish Roy a speedy recovery.

And folks know your place on the food chain. You may love the majesty of large carnivores, the carnivores love you too. You taste a lot like pork.

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October 06, 2003

The Charity Drive that gives you a little something back!

Or not so little somethings. Cute idea. Give! Blogger Boobie Thon

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From the Meme List (memewatch.com)

Blogs come and go Mostly go... seems my blog is nearing the end of it's useful life if it follows the curve.

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First Monday in October

Time for the Supremes to get busy. An NPR story today can be found here you will need to scroll down the page as there is no permalink... NPR needs to BLOG it's shows. A perfect marriage of form and function.

Anyway this session is jam packed. ADA, Religious Freedom, Money and Politics, Gerrymandering it will be instructive.

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October 04, 2003

Poetic Justice?

Now I don't wish physical injury on anyone but I have an intense dislike of dog and pony shows. These magnificiant animals do not deserve to be used to make some people rich. I have no doubt that Siegfried and Roy love their animals in their own way, but prostituting them isn't what I would call entertainment.

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October 03, 2003

Salon Blogs

Went down today at approximately 15:30 PDT today. This is just a marker. Server pings no HTTP response. RadioUserland notified by me via email at 17:30 PDT (the server also sends email if it is not working properly or so I am told). Trouble is if no one is checking email then well no one resets the server. The services are supposed to restart if the crump, but if a critical service "hangs" then it will not be restarted because as far as the service monitor knows the service is running.... This isn't really a Salon problem but the hosting company.

UPDATE 7:30 PDT OCT 4 still down Scott sent mail saying he knows about the outage has been traveling to BloggerCon or would have seen this earlier, he was trying to raise someone at Radio. Andrew is sitting next to Dave Winer at BloggerCon says he was going to mention the outage to him. Lots of grumpy people on the Salon Bloggers group and over on the Radio Userland discussion boards.

8:00 AM PDT Dave Winer 'I don't work there anymore' live from BloggerCon. You know Dave is a real big shit now being at Harvard and all. He has some academic creds now Hahvahd Law don't you know. He has got bloggers from all over the world comin in. Too busy to care and then again he does not work there (RadioUserland) any more. So why should he? His blog is hosted on ScriptingNews. Perhaps if he were a Salon blogger he would care. I hope Scott dishes him some shit when he takes the stage.

1:00 PM Salon came back up at 12:30 PM Saturday. No word on what the problem was. I have to think it was more than rebooting the server given the length of time it was down. Scott promised to let us know more when he knows more. Blog ON!

This from Lawrence Lee of Radio Userland:
" There was a problem on the static server that servers blogs.salon.com. It
was restarted, checking into why it didn't restart automatically."

Shows how much I know. All it needed was a good swift kick in the pants. Too bad we couldn't kick it as we had lots of volunteers.

Returning now to our regularly scheduled life.

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Suit Holds Microsoft Responsible for Worm Holes

Quick somebody tell Stephen Hawking..... Is this like holding gun manufacturers liabel for murder? I'm gonna start a class action against FORD for carjacking. What about the freaking freapers who write the malicious code? A deep pockets suit if I ever saw one. Yes Microsoft can and should do a better job, if it doesn't then the market will make its judgement. But Granny ain't installing Linux any time soon and doesn't want to buy a MAC.

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We Report you Decide

via Cal Pundit.com..... http://www.pipa.org/OnlineReports/Iraq/Media_10_02_03_Report.pdf

If you want to know more about PIPA.

Read the report you will need an ADOBE ACROBAT reader. Or cut to the chase here.

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Just an observation

I just stepped out for a breath of fresh air (a PNW euphemism for having a smoke) and I noticed how a car horn intended to issue warnings is actually an instrument that can convey anger. Simple thing with one purpose that is often used for another. I mean I could actually feel the other person's displeasure as the horn sounded. It is joked that here in Portland you could sit through several changes of a traffic light and no one would honk at you people would simply change lanes and go around you or perhaps get out of their car and make sure you were OK.

Alas my world is changing.

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October 02, 2003

What good is a Privacy Statement?

Seems e-Bay has it's own ideas.

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Does any body know what time it is?

As Zannah says World's Coolest Clock!

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In case you were wondering.....

No Weapons Found Yet

ABC News - 15 minutes ago

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