Tuesday 30 March 2004

Walk the Streets of Manhattan

New York Songlines is a web site I have written about before. Sometimes a person will work at a labour of love produce great content and then walk away from it. Not Jim Naureckas he is continuing to update his web site adding more buildings and history. New York Songlines is about going walkabout in the City, just like good ol Mick Dundee. If you have never visited Manhattan then you need to check out his web site. Don't look for glitzy photography you can get that elsewhere, look for history and the flavor of Manhattan from the Village to the Bowery Broadway to Herald Square. Every City should be so lucky to be chronicled this way.

Posted by Philip at Tuesday 30 March 2004 | TrackBack

I was researching the installation of an ignition interlock device as related to motorcycles. Is this something that has been considered? Is there a cost and operational difference if this particular installation? Thank you for any input and responses.

Posted by: Larry P. August, Jr. at March 30, 2004 01:49 PM


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