Tuesday 10 February 2004

Unique Performance Art

Hand Sand NudeRan across this bit of art work on the web. It appears to be part of a performance delivered in Seoul, South Korea in August 2003 at SICAF. Windows Media Player (.wmv) only but well worth your time to watch. Sand painting meets Wayang Kulit called "Sand Animation". Expanding this, I believe the painter in this performance to be a Hungarian , Ferenc Cako. The paintings are performed to music often with a live symphony orchestra. Mastery over the medium! I am not sure I have ever seen something like this before. It is like dance in a way. Makes me want to see this live and in person. Mpeg's are available at the Ferenc Cako site. Nothing like the Seoul performance filmed in it's entirety. Here is a typical mpg of a performance called Érzékeny Töredékek. Ferenc Cako has been making award winning shorts since the early 1980's. Sand animation films that are the darling of the international film festivals. Perhaps it is just me but this is great stuff! (I know it is old stuff but new to me). Other links in case the other one gets burned 1, 2, 3

Posted by Philip at Tuesday 10 February 2004 | TrackBack

This is really quite brilliant.....especially intrigued by the way that matters flow one into the another - and as matters are left behind, we don't feel that they have ben lost but that they have contributed to what we are seeing, and will see in the future. Powerful.


Posted by: david at February 10, 2004 05:56 PM


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