Wednesday 28 January 2004

OK what is your favorite Super Bowl Urban Legend?

Snopes of Urban Legend fame has published a quick cheat sheet to the most common misunderstandings about Super Bowl legends. I don't know but with all the beer drinking and game watching I seem to remember lower water pressure during the commercials. Ah well just my imagination playing tricks on me.

What is not bull is my disappointment in CBS regarding their refusal to air the winning "Bush In 30 Seconds" ad. Apparently MoveOn sees the ad Child Pay as an issue ad and not a political ad so it should therefor be treated the same way as the Anti-Drug message that is sure to be aired as a public service announcement. I think that argument is hard to make, I think the ad is brilliant it might even play if it said "Who is going to pay off our trillion dollar deficit?" I mean it shouldn't be a mystery that the budget deficit was created under President Bush's watch as a result of his tax cuts and stampede to war, in the shadow of his Borrow and Spend Republican controlled congress. But the sad fact is we own that deficit not President Bush, we and our children will be paying it off for years to come. Who will we be giving the money plus interest to? Why the fat cats who can afford to buy T-Bills. I tell you there is very little downside for Mr. Bush. Borrow the money to finance his war and election and have his cronies reap the interest along with their tax cuts.

Posted by Philip at Wednesday 28 January 2004 | TrackBack

I didn't see a link to the actual story you talked about. However, I do think they should allow the ad to be aired.

Posted by: Jeramey at January 29, 2004 03:38 PM


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