Wednesday 21 January 2004

You googled me...

Fake Italian Drivers License... I suppose that might be a common search in some parts of the world. I'm not sure why you would want a fake Italian drivers license, I mean the reason to use a fake license here in the US (to buy booze) really isn't an issue in Europe where they just expect you to act civilized and follow the rules. If someone wants to buy alcohol and they don't look like they are 12 they will usually get served. I don't know things might have changed. Then again it might be terrorists looking to cop some fake ID. Great to know my site shows up. Oh well I can throw in search terms like how to make a Google bomb, al Queda, and Palestinian. That ought to up my hits doncha think?

I know other big hitter was my coverage of celebrity deaths. I think I must have posted about Anita Mui, Bobby Hatfield, Keith Moon and Elvis. They always bring search hits. You know I have never used the word mysterious (spelled like this) in my blog. I'll fix that... posting

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