Friday 16 January 2004

Blogging Blues

My hosting service who I have heartily recommended experienced a 36 hour outage this week. Part of the outage was their fault as they recompiled their kernel and did a reboot, normally this is not a real big deal perhaps 5 minutes of outage, however this time they compiled a bad kernel that refused to boot. When your computer is 6000 miles away and you have no connection to the root console that is not good.

This means my normally responsive tech support had towait for the techs working at the co-location facility to go to their computer and boot the computer back to their previous kernel (a boot option you can select from the root console). Their co-location provider is appears to be over extended. They have a real agressive pricing on servers and bandwidth and have been signing up more customers than they can service. They have backorders turning up new servers. Took the tech 12 hours to get to the digital-crocus server.

Unfortunately the tech out in the racks simply rebooted the bad kernel and went on his merry way without staying to see if the server was stable. Digital-Crocus crashed again perhaps 10 minutes after the reboot (or Digital-Crocus tried to rebuild a new kernel and tried to implement it without testing it again!).

To make it up to us Digital Crocus has commited to purchasing a standby hot swappable server. And they have promised to TEST their kernels on a test server before trying themout on the live server. These guys know the right way to do it, they deserve a spanking for having to go through the crap they put us through.

I will not be changing blog hosts however. I'm loyal that way. I will tweak them and expect them to do better. Besides I am getting such a deal ~$5 a month I doubt seriously I could do better at three times the price.

Oh did I mention John Robb has his web log there too? Now it is one thing for my 15 or so readers to miss my musings for a day or two. John Robb though draws a bunch of traffic. John had just posted some exclusive snaps of Saddam's arrest. There was a rumour that we had been taken down by the DOD/Justice for unauthorized pictures. It is illegal (violation of the Geneva Convention) to exploit prisoners of war. Pictures are considered to be explotive.

Usually the prisoners are filmed/photographs in such a way as to protect the identity of individuals.

So I'm back, I was back last night but I just couldn't blog. Too depressed. I'll get better.

Posted by Philip at Friday 16 January 2004 | TrackBack

Hi, Philip. I was finally able to load your page in my browser. Cool. For what it matters, I'm running Explorer (5.x, I think).

I'll be back to visit more.

Posted by: Karen Armstead at January 17, 2004 08:03 AM


Oh, and Philip? What the hell is "trackback"? I've seen this on a lot of blog pages, and haven't a clue how it differs from "comments." Thanks.

Posted by: Karen Armstead at January 17, 2004 08:07 AM


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