Monday 5 January 2004

So you are a Blogging God... try 109 Million hits in 24 hours

Nasa has recorded 109 million hits on the first day of the Mars Exploration Rover mission. Using 1300 servers worldwide to accomadate the traffic this is a great example of being ready when the web was. No Victoria's Secret blowouts here. Some sites are slow just by the nature of their design but by and large there have been few problems in accessing the MER site. The prevoius record had been 47 million hits in 24 hours for the Pathfinder mission. Seems to me the cable networks blew this one. I saw Fox carried a little of the actual landing but that was the only channel I saw coverage on. CNN wasn't showing it when I tuned in (The first press conference) although I hear they were covering the actual landing, I was watching Nasa TV as our cable no longer broadcasts the Nasa channel.

Congrats to Nasa and the JPL for a spectacular success so far.

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