Saturday 3 January 2004

Spirit has landed!

Right Side up. Strong radio signal. Air bags are being retacted. JPL Briefing at 21:30 PDT.

Next up opening of the "petals", deployment of the solar arrays, extending the central camera mast. Perhaps some pictures tonight.

Textbook landing. Spirit bounced for some 10 minutes after landing causing a bit of concern but it was within the envelope. Pretty exciting stuff. (Well for some of us). I imagine the press conference will be coverd on CNN or MSNBC seeing as how Saturday night is a slow night. If not you can try and latch on to the webcast (see below) it was maxed out a while ago.

The EDL animation is here.
An Exploration animation is here.

A Martian Blog can be seen here.

Good ol American know how comes through (it's really a crap shoot but we can feel good about it)

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OMSI had a Mars Party for this event, playing the NASA feed on a big screen. Standing room only in the auditorium, they had to play it in the planetarium as well.

They are doing the same thing on the 24th for the next rover landing.

Posted by: The One True b!X at January 4, 2004 12:30 AM


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