Monday 29 December 2003

Commercials you won't see at the SuperBowl

I like commercials, well some of them. I don't like what they represent per se but I do appreciate the creativity and sheer hucksterism some embody. Yesterday I blogged about the Honda UK commercial it made this list. Truth be told I only watch the Super Bowl to see the ads. Last year was dismal, the only high point being the Trunk MonkeyTM, put out by Suburban Auto a local GMC dealer. Out of the ten I am particularly impressed by the previously mentioned Honda UK commercial and the Anti-Drug mutilation video (now you are going to go watch that one aren't you? Sick f*cks) Cute is the cockroach commercial for light bulbs and honorable mention goes for the G-Spot Gucci ad, just because sex sells. Commercials tell a story. Depending on what is being pushed they employ humour and pathos. I like the 15/30/60 format. You can tell a lifes' story in 30 seconds if you are good. Two generations in a minute.

Speaking of 30 seconds, I have been wading through way too many Anti-Bush ads over at MoveOn's Bush in 30 seconds. While I keep looking for the killer ad I have noticed that the ones I rate highly are not necessarily well received by the masses. Seems ads that feature children are pretty popular. Some of the ads are in poor taste others are pretty lame in trying to make insignificant points. Most make the ad look like a nut has written and sponsored it, too damned negative. I think some of this feeling occurs when "forced" to watch a half hour of these 30 second propaganda films. If I was a Bush supporter I would purchase 10 or 20 of the worst of these ads and run them as a pro-Bush infomercial. Thing is there are 1000 of these things to wade through. I know the whole idea of this is to distil the "wrongness" of the Bush presidency but prolonged viewing of these ads is enough to drive you to the dark side. Christopher and Marijo have highlighted some of their favorites. Me I'm voting but really who cares what I think? If I find the ONE. I'll let you know. Right now I feel jaded and in need of a shower. I am sure though that the people who are making these feel a whole lot better getting this crap out of their system. Hating George Bush just feels right, but there is only so much hate in my system. After a while these ads grate on the nerves, even if they are about subjects near and dear to my heart.

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Hey, just to let you know, CBS is refusing to air the MoveOn commercial. They are however letting the White House air one of theirs. Sounds like censorship to me.

Posted by: Kevin at January 24, 2004 01:10 PM


Yeah I've already decided to skip the Super Bowl this year. he winning MoveOn ad was really pretty good. Not sure what ad would be a White House ad I am sure there will be PSAs like the terrorism/drug commercial last year. I guess for some reason that is not seen as controversial or political.

Posted by: Philip at January 24, 2004 01:17 PM