Wednesday 17 December 2003

World's Most expensive Phone Call?

Somebody call Guiness! Joe Horn should get something out of this besides a fine.. He isn't going to get an Oscar that's for sure. You know I see the NFL as a freaking circus what is with this "no taunting", "unsportsmanlike" conduct BS? I mean these guys get paid big money to go out and seperate someone from a ball and their senses. THE NFL's Greatest Hits is a training manual for new linebackers. I'd call these showboats for delay of game, taking money from them is plain ridiculaous as they will just jack their salary to cover the fines. Fans love to see the strut, they love the vicarious thrill of someone doing the "In Your Face" . The league pretending this is a Gentlemans game with no grandstanding is operating in the long ago. There is no team in Football, it is all about the stars the individual who goes out there and risks his career if not his life (no NFL player has ever died during a game, there has been a fatality in Arena Football). There are no Team Touchdowns. If some clown wants to call his mom after he scores let him. What is the difference if he does that or jumps up into the end zone seats to commune with the fans? Every touchdown is a chance for end zone theatre. Some of them go down on one knee to acknowlege help from the big guy, others put the ball over the cross bar, some spin the ball and do a little dance. If you allow anything you allow everything besides who the hell got hurt or offended by a freaking piss poorly acted out cell phone call? Thus endedth today's rant.

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