Wednesday 22 October 2003

Is not responding for me... I guess everyone is trying to get their hands on the Diebold Diary. The shocking story of a POS electronic voting scheme. Of course only the raw data is there you would have to examine a gigabyte of info to draw your own conclusions. If you want to take a shortcut you can get the skinny from a conspiratorial point of view in a book that will be published by Bev Harris of

Let's be charitable and say no voter fraud has been commited (yet). One thing is certain you DO NOT keep your dirty laundry on a public FTP server if you are the least bit concerned about corporate security. If I was in the business of electronic voting I would think security would be pretty damned important.

If you are in any business relying on stealth for security is foolish. You cannot hide in plain sight anything worth hiding. I know you can get away with it but only for so long. It is like driving drunk, sure you got home (this time), it only takes getting caught once to ruin your reputation (well maybe if you run for President you can get away with it, everybody makes mistakes).

You know the worst thing Diebold did was send a Cease and Decist order via the DMCA. Look where it gets the RIAA. Of course they could be saying there is no such thing as bad publicity...right.

Now if I could just get my hands on those files!

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We had to take down the original server because Swarthmore College caved to Diebold PR people.

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