Tuesday 14 October 2003

Sorry about the "blank updates"

I have been working with aspModules Inc. to see why the Adminimizer tool wouldn't work on this blog. Problem if your categories begin with anything but a letter. I found this out and renamed 26 in July to 'The 26 in July Project' oops that didn't work. Remove the single quote marks from the title. Much better, now I can select the category to post to.... nope still not working. The "Post" happens but it is blank and the category is not set and the process times out with an error. Oh well.....

Adminimizer uses xmlRPC to post to the blog. I am guessing something about the XML created and upstreamed to the blog parser is not getting through. Not sure what it could be because Zempt works well using the same interface.

I guess I need to poke around the MT support forums and see if anyone else is using Adminimizer successfully. I am guessing they are or it wouldn't be a product (even if it is in Beta).

Too bad because the WYSIWYG editor was kind of nice. Had a lot more features than Zempt 0.3 able to apply various styles from your CSS file to the post. Integrated spell check and more....

Hope we figure it out. I would like to be able to use the tool.

Turned Pings back on

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