Tuesday 7 October 2003

Bear expert no longer...

Lost Content see Just Playing with new software entry:

Here I had a snarky comment about a bear lover who went to play with his toy bears in Alaska. He and a friend got eaten. Grizzly way to go if you ask me... oooh that was snarky too. The attack was recorded (audio only). First he "played dead" when that didn't work he decided to fight back, I'm thinking that was how his friend got involved. Hope you didn't click that link hoping to hear the attack. That would be sick.

This on the heels of the Roy and the Tiger story. My normal concern for human beings was interrupted by anger at stupidity and animal exploitation. I really am sorry the bear expert and his friend lost their lives, and I wish Roy a speedy recovery.

And folks know your place on the food chain. You may love the majesty of large carnivores, the carnivores love you too. You taste a lot like pork.

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