Friday 3 October 2003

Salon Blogs

Went down today at approximately 15:30 PDT today. This is just a marker. Server pings no HTTP response. RadioUserland notified by me via email at 17:30 PDT (the server also sends email if it is not working properly or so I am told). Trouble is if no one is checking email then well no one resets the server. The services are supposed to restart if the crump, but if a critical service "hangs" then it will not be restarted because as far as the service monitor knows the service is running.... This isn't really a Salon problem but the hosting company.

UPDATE 7:30 PDT OCT 4 still down Scott sent mail saying he knows about the outage has been traveling to BloggerCon or would have seen this earlier, he was trying to raise someone at Radio. Andrew is sitting next to Dave Winer at BloggerCon says he was going to mention the outage to him. Lots of grumpy people on the Salon Bloggers group and over on the Radio Userland discussion boards.

8:00 AM PDT Dave Winer 'I don't work there anymore' live from BloggerCon. You know Dave is a real big shit now being at Harvard and all. He has some academic creds now Hahvahd Law don't you know. He has got bloggers from all over the world comin in. Too busy to care and then again he does not work there (RadioUserland) any more. So why should he? His blog is hosted on ScriptingNews. Perhaps if he were a Salon blogger he would care. I hope Scott dishes him some shit when he takes the stage.

1:00 PM Salon came back up at 12:30 PM Saturday. No word on what the problem was. I have to think it was more than rebooting the server given the length of time it was down. Scott promised to let us know more when he knows more. Blog ON!

This from Lawrence Lee of Radio Userland:
" There was a problem on the static server that servers It
was restarted, checking into why it didn't restart automatically."

Shows how much I know. All it needed was a good swift kick in the pants. Too bad we couldn't kick it as we had lots of volunteers.

Returning now to our regularly scheduled life.

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