dimanche 28 septembre 2003

Foto Fakery Revisited

Kriselda dropped by from Different Strings to comment on the picture of Isabelle
that has popped up in different places on the net and has been making the rounds via email as well. Kriselda ran it by a local meteorologist who said it wasn't a hurricane but perhaps shelf clouds associated with severe thunderstorms. Fair enough I never doubted the "clouds" just their placement in the picture.

So I did some more looking and found About.com's urban legend page where the picture was said to be mislabled. It is alleged to be a picture of Tropical Cyclone Graham from Feb 2003.

I'm not buying this, the photo to me is an obvious fake. So I poke some more. The photo is "credited" to Steve Todd and appears in a photo gallery at the Portland NOAA office web pages, except that there is no "there" there. The gallery referenced no longer contains the picture.

Steve Todd is the Chief Meteorologist In Charge of the Portland Office (how much longer is anyone's guess). Want to bet he wasn't on a tanker off the west coast of Australia in Feb 2003 where he could have taken the "picture"?

UPDATE: The picture is said to be real by the Web Master of the Portland NOAA office Clinton Rocky. The picture was removed because of copyright concerns.... still not convinced. I'll try and track down the photographer.

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