dimanche 28 septembre 2003

Casualty Reports

Over at Centcom the warriors would honor their dead by providing links to the casualty reports mixed in with the other headlines of the day, the casualties appeared "above the fold" so there was usually a mix of good news and bad news. No longer. The decision has been made US casualties no longer appear in the daily briefing. A nice little (little being the operative word) link has been added to the bottom of the main briefing page where you can find the information that doesn't belong on front page. I've added a link to the last 6 months of US casualties in the cost of war box on the right. You will note that the link above will let you search out a specific month and year or the last 99 days. The default returns the last 5 days (why not a full week?). via the New York Times. Not a permalink.

If the people at Centcom never changed the way they reported casualties this wouldn't be an issue, but the fact they have changed shows how the government wants to spin the war. Only natural I suppose, I guess I'm surprised that Centcom didn't see the error of their ways from the start. There are no civilian Iraqi body counts unless of course they are Iraqi's killed by other Iraqi's.

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