mardi 23 septembre 2003

Big Media/Little Media

You know how Colin Powell's son Michael is running the FCC and passing all these rules that are bringing us all together under a big tent in the name of consumer choice and diversity (Ministry of Doublespeak) well sometimes the local channels leave a bunch to be desired... read on or not it's just another piece of weirdness.

KATU is the local ABC affiliate. They pride themselves on local news coverage and having their finger on the pulse of Portland.

So Portland being the hot bed of soccer mania (Oregon has hosted World Cup games and is scheduled to host a quarter and semifinal game in this years WC).

The UP Pilots won the womens' NCAA championship last year. Clive Charles the beloved English soccer star and Portland fixture has recently died of cancer. The number one participation sport in Oregon (and the USA) is soccer.

KATU was scheduled to show USA vs Sweden on Sunday AM according to all the TV guides in my possession, I was up bright and early to watch Team USA!

What is on? KATU's local garden show for 30 minutes followed by an infomercial.

Whoa..I mean how off the mark can you be? Yes the show is a time slot leader 9:00 AM but it is a taped show and can be shown anytime vs a live event featuring a couple of local girls and a preview of things to come.

KATU is not returning phone calls. ABC had a lock on the games the only way to see it live was to travel to Seattle.

So Portland Oregon joins 3 other places on the planet where you can't see a World Cup game live. The other two places were WRIC Richmond VA. and KAIT Jonesboro AR.

While I don't want one company to own the newspapers radio and cable outlet in my city I do wish the local outfit would get a clue.

There is NO way they will live this down.

PS I am not a soccer fan, but I was hoping to catch one of those soccer babes whipping off her jersey (ok I blew it I'm a heterosexual blogger and a male chauvinist pig )

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You know, I shouldn't have laughed at that post-script. I did, but it was wrong. So wrong. You terrible, unenlightened man, you.

Yeah, KATU screwed up. But given the kind of coverage that Portland's Fox affiliate provides (remember their fantastic coverage of the war in Iraq?), and the continuing acquisition by Clear Channel of basically every PDX radio station (sans KBOO, and we all know how much the FCC loves them), I would settle for writing them an angry letter and continuing to fight against monopolization of media. Besides, if you wanna see girls whip off their clothes, you can hit the damn Acropolis. Cheap steak and naked women, baby. I recommend going for breakfast (after 9, since the strippers don't start until then).

Posted by: gwen at septembre 26, 2003 06:07 PM



Thanks for the recommendation but you will not find me in any strip club on my own volition. Yes I have been in these places as a part of male bonding rituals (bachelor parties) but just isn't my cuppa.

The post script was supposed to be funny and if you know anything about soccer you know that in WC football neither men or women are allowed to whip off their jersey in celebration. A rule change that I was aware of when I wrote the post.

But feel free to consider me a lecherous unenlightened man I got a rep to protect.

Portland has a FOX station? It is programmed out of my remote... clear channel doesn't own every radio station in PDX. KBOO is great, KMHD too and KOPB is still in the public sector. KINK isn't KINK any more a tragedy.

Posted by: Philip at septembre 26, 2003 06:43 PM


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