samedi 20 septembre 2003


I'm not the typical rabid football fan. I do eventually watch the "Super Bowl" and I went to my son's games when he played in high school. I even played in a varsity game or three way back a long time ago.

The game I watched today was a regional PAC-10 game with #22 Oregon playing #3 Michigan. The game was called by Dan Fouts and Keith Jackson. KJ is getting senile.

The Ducks upset the Wolverines, BS they beat them like a rented mule. The Ducks had their first TD taken away by a zebra. This set up Michigan's score on a blocked FG. They shanked the extra point. 6-0. Oregon reeled off the next 24 points. The Michigan offense were on the field for maybe 4 minutes of the half. KJ was sputtering (I am thinking he lost $50K on this game).

Michigan woke up late in the third quarter and moved the ball through the air. Oregon cannot defend 6'6'' tight ends this is no secret. UM scores 8 points on the same type of play Oregon was denied on the first drive. Balls stretched over the goal line except in watching the replays the runner is down before the stretch.

There was everything in this game. Blocked FG for a TD, Missed point after, fake punt, fake FG,punt return for a TD, sucessfull onside kick, blocked punt for a TD. Several interceptions, sacks, stuffs and runs up the middle for TDs. It was not as close as the final score would have you believe.

The last Wolverine drive that died had KJ calling for a 5th and 8. Dan had to remind him the game was over several times. 22 seconds and Duck ball. KJ was talking about a field goal and another onside kick. Kieth Jackson the "voice" has lost it. Maybe it was jet lag.

Michigan dosen't travel well. When they come out West to start they get beat.

Go Ducks....

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