mercredi 17 septembre 2003

Fire Rumsfeld

Well I guess you got a letter from Eli and MoveOn too. I usually back MoveOn close to 100% of the time. And I would have backed the idea of going after Rumsfeld (I guess going after the idiot at the top is too ambitious). But I can't quite get behind blackmailing the President. Which is what it seems to me that MoveOn wants to do. Not that if I had pictures of GW with a coke spoon up his nose I wouldn't use them. Nope this money is destined to support our troops (well hopefully some of it). It should also go toward rebuilding Iraq.

My open letter is in the extended entry

To an open letter regarding the fire Rumsfeld pettition hold up the President's bankroll:

I agree with you in principle but the troops in Iraq are my main concern. They need to be funded adequately in order to defend themselves. This nasty furball is a result of President George W. Bush's mismanagement, incompetence, and ultimately his own stupidity. Call for the impeachment of George W. Bush and I'll back that in a heartbeat.

Dumping the mess we created into the hands of the UN is nonsensical. The UN without the US is a farce, as is the US without the UN. We made the mess we should clean it up. Occupied countries are a problem throughout history.

Nation building is NOT a bad idea, a stable democratic Islamic state is something to aspire for. I believe the majority of Iraqis want to attempt such a social experiment. Yes this is costing American lives, yes the war was a mistake, but when you have already screwed the pooch you have to pay the price. Get a focused "exit strategy" be realistic admit we are nation building (when we finish in Iraq I think we should do Palestine).

Bailing out of Iraq will be a mistake as much as going to war was. America needs to finish what it started, if that means playing bad cop to Britain's good cop then that must be. If the UN want's to cooperate it can, unfortunately for the Iraqis there is a pissing match between France and the US no body wins that one, but Iraqis suffer.

I protested this war, I prayed it wouldn't happen, but now we are in it we need to fix it. Throw out Bush by all means but rebuild Iraq and leave them with a nation and a democracy they can love and defend. It is our responsibility and our duty as war mongers, we owe it to those who have already died. If this war was to have any meaning then the Iraqi people need the best chance they can have to organize themselves into a peaceful democratic society. There are essentially three seperate factions in Iraq, do you think they can organize into a republic on their own without redress of past grievances and other scores that need settling? This will take a generation or more to accomplish.

Respectfully disagree with MoveOn on this one, I think you need to take the pulse of America. I AM a LIBERAL Democrat at least in my own eyes. People hate this war but they should focus on how we got there. Getting out is going to be difficult and painful but to shrug our shoulders and blackmail our "fearless leader" is not an adult response to this mess. Fire Rumsfeld is a good idea I can get behind that. Make the administration accountable for the funds they request, a little bi-partisan BBQ with Rumsfeld as the main course is a great idea. But out and out blackmail? Our troops need some of that money, Iraqis need some of that money.

I don't suppose you can reconsider your position as you have publicaly taken your stand. But I cannot support your position on this.

Continue to do good work I do support most of your positions and believe in your organization.


Philip Vassar

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It's not blackmailing the President.

We're shareholders, and the shareholders are saying they don't approve a capital authorization under the current management team.

Get a different management team, revisit the capital budget, and we'll talk, shareholders to CEO. The Board (Congress) should be paying attention, BTW, since they're supposed to represent the interests of the shareholders.

Happens every day in America, shareholders telling boards and CEO's they're not happy with performance. The problem is that we haven't demanded better performance on a quarter-by-quarter basis all along -- and that the CEO was a guy with lousy credentials to begin with.

Posted by: Rayne at septembre 18, 2003 11:46 AM


Well we don't have to agree on everything. I get your analogy but with our men and women in harms way I don't want politicing to get in the way.

Besides in for a penny in for a pound. I didn't approve of the damned war, I think it was rammed down our throats. But that was yesterday this is now. We are in there we can and should do some nation building. Not that I believe we are morally superior nor do I believe that Iraq must be a client state, but it just may be that given the right start the Iraqi people can and will govern themselves in some type of federation based in democracy.

It will come at a price. But to walk away and abandon the situation to chaos is not an answer.

Fight the Bushies support the troops it is a fine line to walk. Meanwhile help the Iraqi people grow into what they can become. Provide security and infrastructure while they slowly or quickly regroup and start living in a country no longer ruled by Saddam Hussein.

Posted by: Philip at septembre 19, 2003 09:14 PM


We definitely won't agree on everything, but in this case it's solely about the idea of blackmailing the president. Asking for a better management team and more transparent accounting is no different than what's expected at Enron, WorldCom, etc. We don't expect operations to cease -- we expect them to be run efficiently, instead of bleeding us dry and killing more of our troops in the mean time. Why should I expect less of my nation's leaders than I expect from companies under Chapter 11?

Senator Kennedy raised a very good point this week -- besides calling Bush's sale of war a fraud -- by asking where half the money is going. If only slightly over half the billion a week going to the Iraq effort is being accounted for, where's the rest going? Can it end up being used against our troops? Why can't we expect a better management team to report this information to us? And would a better management team be able to get better results faster than the guys who've proven this was no cakewalk and that they weren't ready to do this right?

This household has had family members, flesh and blood, committed to this cause. We have no reason to believe they won't be committed for a LONG time. The majority of rational Democrats and liberals in this country are not espousing an immediate pullout; the power vacuum is already creating far greater threats for this country and an abrupt pullout will only make it worse. But for their sake I expect and demand better management, better accountability. It's what we owe them, the ones who put their life on the line.

Posted by: Rayne at septembre 21, 2003 09:59 AM


Unfortunately you can ask for things and expect things and still not get what you want. You are then faced with the reality that the money IS needed to prosecute the war and rebuilding of Iraq. If you delay it you play into the NeoCon hands.

I agree in principle but I cannot see how it can be done short of a filibuster. Any delay in funding this misadventure will loose votes for the Dems. We cannot afford four more years of GW.

Pick your battles, win the war. Fight GW on this and lose.

Suggestion: Pay off your credit cards as fast as possible.Intrest rates are coming up. The Govt will be competing with business and consumers for dollars.

Posted by: Philip at septembre 21, 2003 01:29 PM


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