septembre 15, 2003

Thanks Bill (and Mark)

Got my autographed graphic Claude Funston novelette. Love those folks at the VO, btw if you haven't seen this issue #40 then you are really missing out on the best ever edition. I'm not in it and I think that it is why it might be the best ever... actually it is huge, diverse and chock full of great stuff. MY favorite? How to describe an Alien Culture by Dick Jones. It rings with me reminding me of my own childhood in Merry Olde not that we were Celtic Romanish but my mother's family were displaced Irish brought to England by WWII. Out of place out of time as they came from a 19th century existance in Thurles to 20th century London. But the Travellers were known to us often stopping on the family land. My Nanna had her tales and as a child I listened wide eyed and full of dreams. Thanks Dick.

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