Friday 5 September 2003

Friday night bloging

Four entries in a single day another blog addict

This will not be an earth-shattering entry. I am home alone herding cats. There are oustide cats and indoor cats. Some get wet food others dry... I have written instructions on how to care for each, I am not a cat person or a dog person the whole idea of owning "pets" is not something I relate to at this stage of my life.

I can go through the motions and I have a genuine concern for their well being but the idea of owning a pet no longer makes sense. As time goes by many attachments fall away.

So why on a Friday night do you blog? Well because you have nothing better to do.

Friends are off on a weekend camping trip. I have commitments that are keeping me home.

So is SG1 the best sci-fi series of all times? I lean to Babylon-5 but SG-1 is still in production. I was never a McGyver fan but I do enjoy Richard Dean Anderson in SG-1. I am a long time Trekki loved the original, liked STNG and Voyager never really got into Deep Space Nine and have not watched the newest incarnation (name escapes me).

So home alone watching TV. Something is not right. Probably me.

OK I have reached my limit I was going to place links to all the Sci-Fi references but they would be redundant.

Sure am happy Mark didn't out the Preacher. Blogger mistake 1o3 Never believe what you see.

Happy trails (if you are tripping and reading this you have more problems than I)

Philip yet another blog addict (YABA)

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