vendredi 5 septembre 2003

Just joking

Hopefully Joe Fontaine the pastor of the Myrtle Street Church of Christ will get it. I know he is from Dallas and not Austin but stranger things have happened. If this makes no sense you aren't a fan of Fried Green Al Quedas and or the RLP. Imagine how conflicted I was when I saw Mark's post.

From my own extensive research I knew the Preacher was actually from Nome Alaska living at 123 Catch Me Lane. I haven't called his 800 number I'm afraid it's a prayer line for Jimmy Swaggert and then my world would fall apart.

They should call him Coyote. Off to work. TGIF

Posted by Philip at vendredi 5 septembre 2003 | TrackBack

Hey there,

That was funny. Mark (Fried Green Al Quedas) wrote me and told me he got some angry email from some people who thought he really had outed me.

No. I'm from deep South Texas. That much is all I will say. Draw a line east and west through Austin and I'm somewhere south of that and north of Mexico.

peace and love,


Posted by: Real Live Preacher at septembre 6, 2003 01:26 PM


Yes well I didn't know it was a joke especially when Google turned up Joe Fontaine preaching in Dallas. And Mark would be Coyote the trickster however if you want to claim that alias I have no problem. It works on many levels.

In Australia there is a character named "Lucky Phil" who is everything but lucky. Perhaps I should adopt the handle "Righteous Phil" who is everything but right. Waiting to hear from the real Joe. I wonder if he googles his name?

Posted by: Philip at septembre 6, 2003 02:59 PM


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