Friday 5 September 2003

It's Funny

How this weeks VO is about advice and how my recent posts have been about giving and getting advice. For all I know (which is damned little) I could be the poster boy on how not to offer advice.

MT (Moveable Type) has an option that allows you to put on your editing page a ditty displayed to all authors. Since this particular Blog has a single author I decided on "here be dragons play nice". Advice to myself, a reminder of how after we hit the submit button what you say is written, published and for all to share. I started blogging offering comments on things. The first thing I picked on was the tool which caused a fake spreadsheet to be displayed if you happened to blog during work. A "boss button" I failed to get the joke and proceeded to write a polemic describing how stupid the idea was and dishonest and etc.. etc..

All the time sure of my position. Turns out the whole exercise in technology was a meta-joke. Written with full knowledge of how lame the idea of hiding work time blogging was. I was put in my place by the author of the tool asking his fans to put me in my place.

Blogger mistake 101. Did I learn, no-siree, I went on expressing my opinions as a newbie full of myself and trying to add my witty remarks with the big boys and girls of blogdom. I have commented on most of the big spots and more of the new blogs. Fearless or stupid you decide.

Giving advice on line is an exercise in futility at best, an act of megalomania at worst. If you must comment argue a point or agree with the author do NOT sit on the mountaintop and dispense your pearls of wisdom. They are rarely well accepted nor will they change anyone's opinion of themselves.

The upside is the irate blogger will come to your site and castigate you thus creating more traffic and comments. He with the most hits wins.

I witnessed something tonight in blogdom that is causing me a real problem hopefully my questions will be answered via email. Has to do with anonymous blogging. Stay tuned because once I understand what is going on I'll have more to say.

See I'm learning

Posted by Philip at Friday 5 September 2003 | TrackBack

Congrats, newbie, welcome to the brave new world!

Posted by: Rayne at September 5, 2003 06:38 AM


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