Tuesday 2 September 2003


this blog was never about content. It is a place for me to play with blogging software. Then life throws you a curve ball and you put it on the web.

The company president has found my blog. As busy as he is I am honored he would take time to read it. It does bring up the question of updating the blog on company time. Note to self don't do it...

My son Sean is going to move. Across the country to the place I left 27 years ago. No worries I encourage him to grow and explore. He has family there and if he can put up with the heat and humidity more power to him, it didn't bother me at his age. I'll miss him being close and seeing him when he can spare the time.

His mother, my ex, is going to save the peasants in Peru. Forget there is a civil war going on and getting in the middle of a fight leaves you open to punches from both sides. There is a new form of tourism (OK not new, new to me) tax deductable visits to third world countries where you volunteer from 9-5 running day care centers or teaching conversational English to high school students. You get to live high in the Andes watching for Shirley McClaine UFO's nights and weekends off. $5K plus air fare for three months. I am not a cynic I beleive in the work, I just am concerned for her safety. You see this woman has fierce opinions. I have asked her to keep her mouth shut. Macho men don't like women with fierce opinions.

I applaud her courage and sincerity. Seems to me there are a lot of places closer to home for her to use her talents and desires to make this a better world.

Think globally act locally. She want's an adventure and wraps it in spiritual clothing. If she was going trekking and visiting Machu Pichu I wouldn't care.

She is convinced there is no danger and if there is it only adds spice to the choice.

I hope I am a know nothing worry wart on this. You see I lost some friends in Africa a couple of years back. Hacked to death by machete while on safari.

Shit happens. I suppose there are worse ways to spend your retirement.

Be carefull.

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You know, Phillip, for someone who's so damn serious in his blog, you certainly are flippant in your responses to mine. One does question your motives in suggesting that you act as my agent. If I ever decide to let someone film the show in question, though, you'll be the first to know.

Posted by: gwen at September 3, 2003 09:46 PM


I answered Gwen at length in an email. I think her blog is unique and at the same time has possibility for a TV show ala Sex in the City. At the same time the premis of absolving herself of all responsibility as an Impulse Control Problem prompted me to reply. Her writing is much brtter than my own. I commend her on her truthfullness. If someone was telling you they were playing Russian Roulette what would you do?

Gwen keep posting doesn't keep me from caring. It is your life. If you want to make a buck I do have contacts. Not a plug this is offered without strings. I know several people who are "hot" in the industry. I am happy to give you email addresses and an introduction.

I am a gray hair who would buy you a drink chat you up and say good night, I have my nothches and don't need any more. I happen to respect people in general.

Call me to task I deserve it. With blogging being used for potential books etc I question.

Mea Maxima Culpa.


Posted by: Philip at September 3, 2003 10:56 PM


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Posted by: ScrewDriver at September 4, 2003 03:00 AM