Monday 1 September 2003

Third Place

The new VO is out and lo and behold I got a prize.

I am not a blogger. OK I have a blog but I am not called or driven to post. I am more like Chauncey Gardener. I read and comment at other blogs but I rarely feel the need to post something to my own web space.

The whole spam thing is foreign to me for what ever reason I just don't get it OK my email filters are set to receive only from the people in my contact list. If I don't know you your email ends up in a folder that I delete on a regular basis usually sight unseen.

When Mark called for submissions I sent off an email that said I don't get spam.
Then I went to the possible spam folder and found the Live Web Cams for Free email.

You've got spam! Something to work with.. Cams became Clams in a hurry. It turns out that Clam pictures are pretty damned suggestive. So I googled clam pictures and selected a few, found a javascript slide show and created some links. Next thing I know I have some deconstructed spam with GRAPHICS.

I read the rulzs I did my best and I got third place. Y0 BILL the execution may have been lame but the idea was top shelf.

Never been third place before. I have some first places and second places and honorable mentions but no actual third place.

Hell I am going to get an autographed piece of work from the creator of Zippy the Pinhead how cool is that? Thanxs Mark.... As an engineer I am challenged I tend to follow instructions.

Not to say I can't think outside the box. Bingo!

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