Thursday 21 August 2003

Welcome to Portland Mr. President

We got a visit from George the II today, just my luck I am working and couldn't go down and welcome him Portland style. We only worked up a few thousand demonstrators who had to get to North Portland to a private college with no parking (for protesters) not quite the 50K that showed up in the Park Blocks a few weeks before the war was Fait Acompli, but still a respectable showing for a midweek mid morning visit.

It amazes me how we can turn out 2000 people for a $500 a plate rubber chicken (this just in it was 500 @ $2000 a plate my bad) but can't get a small tax raise to help out the state school system. The raise barely passed this year raises the tax bill of couples making more than $70,000 a whopping $130, geeze do you think they can afford $11.50 a month, specially when Bushy is giving them back more than that in tax cuts and deficits...

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