Thursday 14 August 2003

End of Summer

Not sure what I would do with out Mark keeping track of time for me. He is publishing his Virtual Occoquan the best of Salon Blogs on Sunday with his guest editor Rayne. This issues theme "End of Summer".

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dew on parched grass
A skein of geese flying south
All summers must end

Now the rant.....

Hey wait a damned minute what is with this "End of Summer" stuff? As I write this it is only August 14th we still have more than a whole month of summer left officially. The End of Summer my ass! Have you been reading the papers? The Alps are melting for christ's sake. 3000 dead in France, British Breweries running dry, Germans working OVERTIME to meet the thirsty drinkers demands.

I think this may be some wishful thinking on someone's part. Don't get me wrong I love the Fall, especially in these here parts, but that will not happen by the calendar or the clock it will be when the rain starts and stays for days on end. This is life in the rain forest of the Pacific Northwest.

Sure the days are growing shorter but there is still more light than dark.
Mornings are cooler and there is often dew on the grass a sure sign that our dry season is winding down, but we are pushing 90 today with real heat predicted for later in the week. Maybe even an honest to goodness thunderstorm or two for us people living in a place where lightning bolts truly are scarce. Never know you miss them until you don't have them. In a quarter century of living up here there are very few memorable thunderstorms and all of them are usually memorable.

Back to School sales are in full swing or will be shortly. Monday Night Football has started up, so all the economic indicators are pointing to the imminent demise of summer but I am not ready to let go just yet. I like to squeeze every last drop of sunshine out of the season build up those endorphins and brain chemicals that sustain me through our long dark rainy season. Refuse to call it winter unless it snows, not that it has snowed down in the valley recently, not even an ice storm is grounds to declare winter.

And the kicker is for many of our citizens it is the End of Winter that approaches
We tend to have this Northern Hemispherical arrogance. My friends in Oz are gearing up for Summer mate. They are getting ready to put their shrimp on the barbie and drink copious amounts of Fosters or Tooheys or Piss Weak. The South Pole emerges from it's long night and life returns to the men and women who wintered over in that cold place. South Africans are celebrating the end of a long winter, In India the monsoons will be coming to an end, and a return of the sweltering heat that oppresses that country is not looked forward to.

The End of Summer is relative. And it ain't one of my favorite relatives. Long live Summer! Our time is measured my friends, one summer gone is one less to live and play in.

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