Wednesday 13 August 2003

Day 2

I guess working is like riding a bicycle you don't forget how.

New names and faces to remember, although there are a few familiar ones. I'm on double secret probation to see if I have what it takes to contribute.

I understand completely the need to husband your cash in a start-up. The last one I was with didn't do all that poorly, they were actually purchased by a public firm when IPO's just were NOT going to happen so the sweat equity turned into a nice little bonus; little being the operative word. For you see Unca Sam gets his fair share of the profits as soon as you turn those options into shares (you haven't sold a thing you bought cheap and that is taxable FMV - Strike Price = profit even though you haven't sold a thing it's a paper chase) So to keep Unca happy you have to sell some of those new shares as short term capital gains which are taxed higher than if you held the stock for a year to pay for the realized rather than actual profit. If you are lucky the remaining stock will still be worth something after this bear market and you can sell more stock to pay off your capital gains bill and of course selling adds downward pressure to the price.... What a furball. ackkkkk. Give me computers any day, the neighbour got bit by the love-san worm. It had a cute trick where his auto-connect would dial out, msblast would try an RPC call and the RCP service would fail forcing a reboot of his PC. Wheels within wheels.

So back to cubicle land, the commute's a dream nice flat farm land with a slight downhill run into town. Almost a bike lane that you get to share with assorted debris and road kill. Then the wonder of MAX our Potlandia Burb connection, light rail all new and shiny, bike friendly and given the distance covered only slightly more expensive than a car to use, about 45 cents a mile in my case. Of course the intangibles of actually getting my heart rate above 60 beats per minute for 30 minutes or so twice a day has got to be worth something, unless we have a finite number of heart beats in our destiny, in that case I am rushing toward the end.. He died with his Lycra on. I've added a link to the PNW Blogger ring check out some of my fellow web-foots, blogging gives new meaning to the term web foot.

Enjoy, but be careful out there cause when you least expect it.... Wham!

I am not running for Governor of California. That makes me special! Out to do a little shooting star gazing.

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