Saturday 26 July 2003


Have you seen a closet like this?
Hillsboro Oregon  © Copyright 1992-1993 Philip Vassar

It has been my pleasure to have lived with several women in my life, recently in a household of three women. These were normal women in every respect except for the fact that each of them owned no less than 40 pairs of shoes each at any given time (count em ladies you will be surprised) recycling the cast offs to Goodwill to make room for NEW shoes. Some of the recycled shoes were worn once or maybe never!

And from my experience that is a pretty normal occurance Imelda Marcos may be an extreme example of a genuine gender difference.

I'm just a simple guy I own a couple of pairs of brown leather "deck" shoes, a couple of pairs of work shoes black and dark gray, three pairs of the same tennis shoe (I only count this as one pair as these are worn everyday and I cycle through them so they can air out) a pair of shiny black pointy things for the suits I am obliged to wear from time to time. An OLD pair of cowboy boots that I keep just in case I go riding, a pair of good Wellingtons for slogging about in the mud, a pair of worn Birkenstocks, some Nevados sandals and that is about it. 10 pairs of shoes I wear on a semi regular basis well maybe 9 because I haven't worn those ol cowboy boots in a couple of years. Brown, Black, Gray and White.

The thing is footwear is functional not fashion to me. I am leaving out my spikes, climbing boots, ski-boots, water socks these are sporting goods not shoes. Do you think I am a candidate for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?

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