Thursday 31 July 2003


What keeps you here

Nadia © Copyright 1992-1993 Philip Vassar

Austin Tappan Wright wrote a Utopian novel known as Islandia. In this book he introduced love with four flavours Amia, friendship and the love between them. Ania the love of a wife and husband and the commitment to children and marriage. Alia the love of ones heritage and ties to the ancestral lands and finally Apia the physical desire that can happen between two people.

I suppose English has many words for love at least descriptions of love. "Why do you love me?" Has to be the hardest question to answer, my feeble attempts usually run to "Because of who you are, because of what we have shared". There are no reasons that can truly be enumerated. When Elizabeth Barrett Browning counts the ways she speaks of the depth of her love and the constancy of it, of her passion and her life. And then there is that creepy little ending about how God willing she will love the object of her affection even more after they are dead.

I kind of understand it because sometimes it is the people we love the most that can drive us to distraction if not downright annoyance. I think everyone knows at least one long time married couple who are not happy unless they are taking shots at each other, terms of endearment I believe the expression goes.

Nadia is a special young woman who I have had the great good fortune to have known and loved most of her life. And for some reason or another she loves me, most likely as a father figure or perhaps as a torn worn Teddy bear that offered her comfort and security many years ago. It is a blessing to be loved. It is life's purpose to give love.

Sean my son has been the joy in my life for 20 years catching him on camera however proves to be a difficult task as he rarely sits still. If I can catch him, he will reside next to Nadia.

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Deep... Nadia will be honorod.

Posted by: Bryn at August 2, 2003 07:23 AM


To know that you love me that much is a blessing. you have not only been a perfect example of a father, but a best friend and great mentor. thank you for always being there, supporting me and most of all for loveing me. i love you

Posted by: anonymous at August 2, 2003 09:41 PM