July 29, 2003


Forecast HOT

Beaverton Oregon  © Copyright 1992-1993 Philip Vassar

Cooling off in Oregon usually involves water. The Portland Metro area averages about 12 days over 90 degrees each year so far we are at 14 with 15 and 16 due tomorrow and the next, August still to come. Today we are looking at triple digits. With so few days that us webfoots consider HOT we didn't think about installing air conditioners well at least until we started building 3500 sq feet houses on 2000 square foot lots. A recent phenomena dictated by our eco friendly urban growth boundaries (or the land Nazi's depending on your politics).

We wait for the nights to cool into the fifties then sleep on wet sheets. Ceiling fans and window box fans are popular as is sleeping under the stars.

On hot days Portlanders retreat to our beaches an hour or so away where you can usually rest assured the temperature hovers 20 to 30 degrees cooler than in the Valley. If you can't get away then find the nearest public fountain. The one pictured is across from the main Beaverton library and is always a big hit with the kids, Dancing waters. Portland has at least three prominent public fountains that are kid friendly flat spaces with water that shoots out of the ground, drains and is chlorinated and recycled. The original is Salmon Street Springs smack in the middle of the west bank waterfront promenade. The original urban "swimming" hole is the Forecourt Fountain. Even the Rose Quarter has a kid friendly water and light show but that is really on private property and not as accessible or stops fans from running through the water. For a tour of some Portland Fountains try this link.

For the letchers out there clothing is not optional although the occasional wet T-shirt shows up from time to time.

Technical note when shooting crowds and publishing just try NOT to get a recognisable face. I mean given the number of children in this shot I was amazed that they were mostly all facing away or obscured by water. In the high res shot some individuals may be identified so that ain't going to happen. Releases crowd shots uhghhh!

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