July 29, 2003


Four Tiny Shiny New Lives

© Copyright 1992-1993 Philip Vassar

I was sitting on the patio and noticed this small wren hopping from one fence board to another pretty noisy little cuss really not caring for my presence. A real distinct vit vit vit as it pranced along the fence with it's mouth full of some insect or another, I'd glance away and the bird would go to ground or land in the lattice work at the edge of the patio, soon it would disappear. After several weeks I came to know the pair of Bewicks Wrens had set up a nest somewhere behind the lattice work and along side the house. A catch all area we use this space to store garden tools extra pots there is some shelving and a canvas bag used to hold extra clothes pins....
What do you mean you don't dry your clothes outside? Sun power is free, it is a great deodoriser and sanitiser not to mention a powerful bleaching agent, at least do your sheets and towels outside thank me for it later.

Well not being one to leave well enough alone I decided to find the nest. I hunted high and low but the birds wouldn't go to their nest if I was on the side of the house.... It was the cat who tipped me.... it seemed very preoccupied with the canvas bag just out of it's reach. So I peaked and lo and behold the picture.

They are fledged and gone I thought I saw a small chewed up bird in the yard if the cat only got one of the four perhaps they are staying ahead of the curve.

Three are obvious the beaks give them away the fourth is a little smaller to spot. When I peaked in they all turned their beaks up to me demanding food I never saw two birds work harder than those two parents, they would spend all day coming and going returning in five minute intervals, ah the joys of the New Economy.

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