July 28, 2003



“An imposing cradle on wheels.” (Roughing It, 1870) Mark Twain

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Coach number 306

This coach, Abbot-Downing #306, is the oldest in Wells Fargo’s current fleet. Built in 1854, it had a long career carrying mail between Halifax and Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada until 1890. It had the honour of carrying two British monarchs: the Prince of Wales (King Edward VII) in 1860 and Princess Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth II) in 1951. (from the Wells Fargo Web-site)

This beauty was found at the Washington County Fair on Sunday right next to the ATM's where you could load up on cash for over priced food, rides, drinks and water. The County Fair an American Tradition. I was going to use a picture from the Demolition Derby but hell we see those every day here on the Portland area freeways. When not being loaned out to lure people to use ATM's it resides in the lobby of the main branch downtown.

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