Monday 28 July 2003


Another Brick in the Wall

© Copyright 1992-1993 Philip Vassar

At the Beaverton War Memorial they have the now obligatory polished black granite wall. This wall does not contain the names of the fallen. Instead it contains the plaques of all the armed forces Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard at least as originally designed. When photographing the monument I noticed another plaque had been added, obviously as an afterthought, seems someone forgot the Merchant Marine service which was losing members to the German wolf pack long before WWII was official in the U.S. Mostly these ships had some 50 caliber guns mounted and the sailors had rifles and small arms. Not much help against a U-Boat that would cripple you with a torpedo and finish you off with its deck gun well out of range of any defensive fire available to these civilian warriors.

The granite wall is supported by a brickwork where you can purchase rememberances or advertise your support for the men and women who served their country.

It amazes me how tightly the memories of those comrades in arms are held some 50 years later. Grown men come here to cry. Beaverton will add a new name to the wall soon as one of it's sons was killed in Iraq clearing mines in early July. I pray that there will be no more bricks in the wall.

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