July 26, 2003


Sound.jpgOK where is a pay phone when you need it?

© Copyright 1992-1993 Philip Vassar

The lowly pay phone once endemic to every street corner in America is a dying breed. Airports, convenience stores, the occasional gas station (which is almost synonymous with the former), and of course those grand hotels with classic wooden booths seen in movies seem to have them, but the rest of us just use our cell phones. Bars often have pay phones located somewhere near the rest rooms along with a cigarette machine (another dying breed) or if you are unlucky right next to the stage or PA system. If you have read this far then a treat for you... This bell is located across the street from the main Hillsboro City Fire Department which has a sophisticated glass front displaying antique fire fighting equipment... and a full compliment of modern fire trucks tucked along the side of the building.

As an exercise in technology I wanted to link a sound file to this image, could I find one? NO. Fire alarms are now electronic whoops and wails. The electronic bells I found online were locked up tighter than a drum sounded great but not available for download as if the company which produces these marvels in 6" 8" and 10" varieties owns the damned sound they make. Oh well it is most likely better NOT to have your computer sound a fire alarm bell when loading the page or clicking the link.

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