July 25, 2003


Manzanita Beach Oregon

Manzanita Beach Oregon © Copyright 1992-1993 Philip Vassar

Click thumbnail for the full effect. What's this your browser is blank? read on No one said this was easy.....

If you download this your browser may choke it is a 3/4 meg JPEG 7941x1311 pixels... IE users left click and a picture sizing button should appear allowing you to see the whole enchilada using slide bars etc.... A composite created from six pictures using the Canon Photo-Stitch software the view is about 200 degrees.

Oregon beaches are unique in the nation as far as I know they are ALL public. You can own beachfront property but only to the point vegetation grows the rest belongs to everyone. In the summer you can see driftwood bonfires lighting the night for miles. Teenagers and old farts nothing like making s'mores while knocking back your favorite libation, singing bawdy songs and sharing the night with good friends, and if you don't make it back home, beach sand is extremely comfortable to sleep on. Especially if you bury the coals with sand and sleep on top of them, they wil keep you warm all night. Oh there are critters called sand fleas but they tend to stay around the tide line and rarely venture up to the high and dry.

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