July 25, 2003


Shelf with shadows

© Copyright 1992-1993 Philip Vassar

Young friend comes over and says 'I bought this from work for 50 cents, I think I want to make some shelves out of it...'

I can remember cinder block bookcases and wire spool tables with the wine bottle you used to hold candle sticks and the accretion of wax, bean bag chairs and sleeping bags for a bed Your first apartment. You know you can live without the $4000 leather sofa.

So I trim some wood and slam it into her bargain "key display" and voila a corner stand that will hold nicknacks and dust-bunnies or what have you. What I didn't know was how the play of light and shadow would repeat itself on the various levels. The ordinary rises up, no particular occasion just a boy and his camera.

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