Wednesday 23 July 2003

Start of 26 in July

26 things is a photo scavenger hunt the rules are here. I'm getting a late start but what the heck I'll give it a go.

First off I am a blog newbie learning MT a flexible if complicated collection of tools (well so far) so bear with me. In addition to the photos I will try and add a small essay for each one. All photos have been taken in July 2002 or 2003, I'm not sure if that disqualifies me up front but I'm being honest. Furthermore all pictures have been taken within 10 miles of my house again with two or three exceptions and to further complicate matters the pictures will be taken in a span of six days with a few exceptions. Locations are Hillsboro and Beaverton Oregon except where noted.

I have not optimized the photos according to best practices, you are going to need a fat pipe. If I have time I will do my best to thumnail the collection and create a proper index page for the category 26 in July.

All photographs are © Philip Vassar 1992-1993.

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beautiful - especially loved empty and scape

Posted by: LLC at August 3, 2003 08:19 PM


like your photos very much and your descriptions and thoughts too. 'love' and 'empty' are most touching. thanks for sharing!

Posted by: weirdweetabix at August 17, 2003 04:11 AM


Your photos are so beautiful and great interpretations of the themes. If I have to pick favorites I would say weather and light. Your stories about each pic make them even more special. Glad that you decided to participate in the project.
Mimi at 26 things site # 14

Posted by: Mimi at September 17, 2003 07:42 AM