The Advantages Of A High Yield Color Laser Printer

A printer purchase is usually chosen for cost and usefulness. Inkjet printers are popular because they are often less expensive than laser printers. Nevertheless, a high yield color laser printer can be a better choice, depending on your personal budget. Here are a few reasons why.
Laser printers are overall faster than inkjet printers. If you have to process multiple copies of one document, you will find that laser printers can pump them out very efficiently and quickly.
Laser printers are in some cases easier to service. Once the cartridge is installed, there’s not much more you need to do to keep a laser printer running efficiently. Repairs are usually just a matter of restoring paper or replacing an empty toner cartridge. On the other hand, inkjet printers are becoming more complicated as time goes on.
Inkjet printers can be more costly than they would at first appear. Although the initial cost is usually lower, most companies make up for that with the cost of ink cartridges. In some cases, an inkjet machine will not run unless both black and color cartridges are installed, even if the user only needs one type.
Customers often purchase generic equivalents of brand name ink to save money on inkjet printers. However, it’s difficult to gauge the number of copies one can get from them when purchasing, and some inkjet machines will not accept the generic version.
The cost of a high yield color laser printer has been coming down in recent years. If you can afford the higher price or wait for a sale, you will probably be pleased with the performance.